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TMJ disorder is a general term that is often associated with discomfort, chronic inflammation, or physical dysfunction in the temporomandibular joints that hinge your jaw. There are several factors that can contribute to TMJ disorder symptoms. Professional diagnosis by an orthodontist like Dr. Celeste M. Eckerman can help determine the underlying cause and develop an effective treatment plan.

Chronic night grinding can often contribute or worsen TMJ disorder symptoms. The relentless pressure of clenching and grinding the jaw can gradually start to affect the surrounding muscles as well as causing inflammation problems in the temporomandibular joint.  

In a case like this Dr. Celeste M. Eckerman might recommend using a night guard when you go to sleep. It is a soft plastic mouthpiece that you insert in your mouth when you sleep. It cushions the surfaces of the teeth, while also allowing a little slip. This can help mitigate some of your TMJ disorder symptoms.

If other factors are contributing to your TMJ disorder symptoms Dr. Celeste M. Eckerman can also help you directly address them with minor lifestyle changes such as eating softer foods, performing some basic facial stretches, or taking over the counter anti-inflammatory medications.

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