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A hard blow to the face can come from a variety of sources. While sports injuries and automotive accidents are common causes of severe dental trauma, it is possible for a household fall to also knock a tooth out of the socket.

In a situation like this, you should contact Dr. Celeste M. Eckerman as soon as possible to seek emergency dental care. If the tooth is whole and still alive, she might be able to install it back into the socket or to restore it with a root canal.

Sometimes the trauma is too severe for conventional treatment. In an extreme case like this Dr. Celeste M. Eckerman might recommend extracting the remnants of the tooth from your injured gums. Time and prescription pain medication can gradually ease the pain while your gums heal.  

When you’re ready, Dr. Celeste M. Eckerman can start the process of restoring the tooth with a dental bridge. Anchoring it in your mouth calls for Dr. Celeste M. Eckerman to create two abutments from the healthy core of the two neighboring teeth. This is done by using a dental drill to remove the tooth enamel from each tooth neighboring the void.

The dental bridge will be created at an offsite dental lab from durable dental materials that will rival natural tooth enamel.

You will need to return to Dr. Celeste M. Eckerman’s clinic when your dental bridge has been completed. During this short appointment she will cement your new dental bridge onto the abutments with a special dental adhesive.

If you live in the Minden, Nevada, area and you have suffered a severe dental trauma, you should not delay in seeking treatment at Celeste M. Eckerman DDS LLC.