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Most people understand that gum disease can cause loose teeth. But gum disease can also lead to problems with your respiratory and cardiovascular systems, and can even contribute to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

You may have no idea that you have gum disease. In the early stages, it is often painless. However, other symptoms may include gums that bleed when you brush and floss, bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth, loose teeth, and gums that are red, tender or swollen.

Gum disease may be caused by tobacco use, hormonal changes during pregnancy, diabetes and some medications. However, the biggest cause of gum disease is the accumulation of plaque and tartar on your teeth. That plaque causes your gums to swell and allow more plaque to build up under the gums, admitting bacteria that can cause an infection.

Your dentist may simply recommend that you step up your brushing and flossing habits, and possibly make some changes in your lifestyle. Your dentist may prescribe medication to combat your gum disease, or surgery may be necessary to repair your gums. If your gum disease is caught early enough, your dentist may be able to address your gum disease with scaling and root planing. First, the dentist will remove the plaque and tartar from your teeth above and below the gumline. Then she will smooth and clean the roots of your teeth.

If you have begun to notice the symptoms of gum disease, you should see our dentist, Dr. Celeste M. Eckerman before other complications begin to develop. To make an appointment at Celeste M. Eckerman DDS LLC in Minden, Nevada, call 775-782-2799 today.