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Caring for your teeth has never been easier. Within dentistry, numerous branches exist to not only to restore the look of teeth but to add additional protection and restore and repair numerous forms of damage that may arise. Endodontics can use complex treatments to remove the pulp of a tooth in order to save the tooth that otherwise would, in previous ages, need to be extracted. Now, root canal therapy is a form endodontic treatment.

According to recent statistics, endodontists are accountable for saving millions of teeth every year thanks to endodontic treatments like root canals. Furthermore, endodontists can even restore the function of damaged or broken teeth. This includes enhancing and restoring a tooth’s ability to function properly for whatever needs to which it is required.

Endodontics refers to a highly specialized field within dentistry that focuses specifically on tissues in the root and issues and ailments concerning the tooth’s pulp. The pulp is often considered the life force of a tooth, as it houses the connective tissues, the nerve endings, and blood vessels for the tooth. Endodontists seek to employ treatments such as root canals to extract a damaged pulp without sacrificing the life of the tooth.

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