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A lot of people ask us if they need a cosmetic dentistry procedure performed, even if they’re not completely sure what that process entails. While many patients can and do benefit from cosmetic procedures, it’s important to understand what cosmetic dentistry is before asking about whether or not it’s for you.

There are several different procedures that make up cosmetic dentistry. Today, we’re just going to take a brief look at what this specific area of dentistry entails, and when you may need to use it.

What is it?
Cosmetic dentistry is the general name to describe a variety of procedures that Dr. Celeste M. Eckerman can provide to help improve the appearance of your teeth. From simple polishing to adding veneers or crowns, there are several different options to help you achieve the smile you deserve.

How does it work?
If you’re ready to change your smile, you’ll need to first come in to the practice of Celeste M. Eckerman DDS LLC for a consultation. This will help us determine what procedures will best impact your smile. For example, those with some surface stains on their teeth may be able to get away with just a whitening and polish procedure. Others, though, will need veneers to cover up the stains.

Does it really help?
Cosmetic dentistry is just the name for a variety of dental procedures that are designed to improve the look and function of your teeth. In fact, just about every cosmetic procedure can help restore your teeth to their previous luster, providing an almost immediate impact on your appearance.

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