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Enhancing your smile is essential especially if you have any lost or missing teeth. If lost or missing teeth go untreated, you can put your mouth at a huge disadvantage. Not only will you allow your mouth to have additional areas for plaque build-up to occur, but the gaps can destabilize your jawbone by making it weaker and potentially force other teeth nearby to move and slide around. To prevent slippage, a tooth replacement prosthetic such as dentures will be required.

There are numerous health risks associated with missing teeth. Not only can they cause other healthy teeth to move out of their alignment, but they can increase your risk of tooth decay due to an abundance of plaque buildup in the voids left behind. In addition, they can alter your speaking and eating abilities. Thus, replacement options such as dentures will be needed to restore your smile to its ideal levels.

Dentures are not toys, so you need to make sure you do not handle them as you would other oral appliances such as mouth guards. Even if you drop your dentures once, they may shatter and break and need to be repaired by your dentist. Never try to repair your dentures yourself. In addition, always soak them in a denture cleaning solution, so they do not dry out and crack.

Dentures are removable and must be cared for on a daily basis. Because your dentures do not function exactly as normal teeth do, they may be susceptible to damage to other products that would normally not damage your normal teeth. This can include hot water, bleach, or teeth whiteners that can easily cause problems to your dentures. Avoid these products at all times.

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