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Many patients are unfamiliar with dry mouth, which is a chronic condition that often occurs as a side effect of medication or unhealthy habits. We provide three important facts on dry mouth facts to help you learn more about addressing the condition:

– Dry mouth is very common. Millions of Americans are dealing with dry mouth without even realizing it. Everyone experiences bouts of dry mouth when stressed or nervous, but it is considered a chronic condition when you frequently feel an uncomfortable dry sensation in your mouth multiple times a day.

– You can avoid dry mouth through healthy habits. Simple healthy habits that protect your oral health can also prevent dry mouth, such as avoiding tobacco products and caffeine, increasing your daily water intake, sipping water or drinks without sugar when you eat your meals, using a humidifier at night and chewing sugarless gum.

– Saliva can help your smile: Your saliva production does a lot for your oral health, such as reducing the risk of infection and decay, helping you to chew, swallow and digest when you eat food and keeping your mouth wet to prevent dry mouth.

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