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If a toothache strikes, you know you are in for a long day or night. Knowing how to treat your toothache could take the pain away and help you get back to your life. Here at our dental office in Minden, Nevada, our team is dedicated to helping you overcome oral health problems like toothaches, which is why we have provided you this basic information on how to care for them.

When it comes to a toothache, remember the first thing to do is to always talk to your dentist, Dr. Celeste M. Eckerman right away. That is so your dentist can identify the cause and source of the problem. Toothaches are caused by many things such as accidents, exposed root, cracked or chipped teeth, cavities, gum disease, and other situations, that may need to be addressed. So, by visiting your dentist you are taking the most important step in overcoming it.

Until you are able to come to the dentist, there are other things you can do to help your toothache. These include simple over-the-counter medications to reduce the pain, using a cool compress on your cheek, clove oil has been known to help, as well as ice cold drinks or mouthwash to help clear away any debris left in the area from food or other sources.

If you would like help with your toothache, our want to come in for a checkup, please call us today at 775-782-2799 to make an appointment. Our team understands how painful a toothache can be and always wants to help diminish the pain and give you positive oral health, so you can have a happy and healthy smile.