3 Ways to Brush Up on Brushing

We all know that brushing and flossing are foundational to good oral health habits. But bad habits can sneak in, despite our best intentions. Luckily, it’s never too late to brush up on your brushing habits! Speed Demon: One of the easiest habits to slip into is not using enough time for brushing your teeth…. Read more »

Could You Use a Fluoride Treatment?

Although fluoride is often called nature’s cavity fighter, we do not usually get enough fluoride from nature, but rather a supplement that is added to other products we consume or use. If you would like to learn more about fluoride, see below: – Fluoride is often added to products, but at its core, it is… Read more »

How to Care for a Toothache

If a toothache strikes, you know you are in for a long day or night. Knowing how to treat your toothache could take the pain away and help you get back to your life. Here at our dental office in Minden, Nevada, our team is dedicated to helping you overcome oral health problems like toothaches,… Read more »

Set up Your Smile for Summer Success with Optimum Sleep Apnea Care

Set up your smile for summer success with optimum sleep apnea care. Taking care of your smile begins with diagnosing and treating any potential forms of sleep apnea that may exist. Sleep apnea is fairly common, but a serious condition in which breathing is interrupted while you sleep. Listed below are some generally accepted risk… Read more »

Can Sugarless Gum Help Fight Against Harmful Acids?

Can sugarless gum help fight against harmful acids? The truth is yes, when necessary. When bacteria begin to pool in the mouth it forms a thin layer called plaque. With the addition of sugar, plaque can convert these sugars into harmful acids in your mouth capable of causing dental erosion. Chewing sugarless gum helps prevent… Read more »

Can Teeth Be Properly Restored with Dental Veneers?

Can teeth be properly restored with dental veneers? Dental veneers are a durable tooth restoration treatment that can not only augment your smile, but they can also conceal and cover up many negative or unrepairable aspects of it. Dental veneers work by crafting a thin yet durable shell that is installed directly on the fronts… Read more »

The Temporomandibular Joint Quiz

A temporomandibular joint, also called a TMJ, is designed to keep your mouth working effectively by influencing speech and by opening and closing your mouth at a variety of angles and directions. TMJs allow for the proper chewing of foods that occurs within our mouths. For more information, take the following temporomandibular joint quiz: What… Read more »

Now Is the Time to Restore Your Smile with the Help of a Dental Crown Restoration

Are you nervous about smiling because you have a damaged tooth? With the help of a dental crown restoration, you can once again smile with confidence. In fact, our Celeste Eckerman DDS LLC team in Minden, Nevada will make your smile look as good as new with a dental crown. Also known as caps, dental… Read more »

Dentures Can Restore a Smile

For those who have lost most or all of their permanent teeth, Dr. Celeste Eckerman may recommend dentures in Minden, Nevada. A denture is a removable restoration for missing teeth and the surrounding tissues. The two types of dentures are complete dentures and partial dentures. Our dentist may suggest complete dentures if all of the… Read more »

Have No Fear; Get a Veneer!

Do you have a chipped, cracked, decayed, or discolored tooth? Have no fear; get a veneer!   What is a veneer? A veneer is a skinny mantle of porcelain that is custom-made to fit on top of your tooth. It is somewhat like how a false fingernail fits on top of your nail.   How… Read more »