Regularly Scheduled Dental Checkups Are Important

  Brushing your teeth each morning and night as well as remembering to floss at least once per day plays a critical role in removing bacterial deposits from your mouth. This helps to prevent early problems with cavities and gum disease as well as staving off bad breath. The American Dental Association notes that you… Read more »

Keeping Your Wits in the Case of a Dental Accident

Facing a dental emergency can be difficult, either for you or for your child. Knowing what to do to help yourself or your child is paramount. In all cases, visit our dentist as soon as possible. However, there are a few things that you can do to minimize the damage before you come in to… Read more »

Focus Your Smile on Dentures

  Enhancing your smile is essential especially if you have any lost or missing teeth. If lost or missing teeth go untreated, you can put your mouth at a huge disadvantage. Not only will you allow your mouth to have additional areas for plaque build-up to occur, but the gaps can destabilize your jawbone by… Read more »

All About Dental Veneers

  If your teeth are at an increased risk for dental damage, it is important to make sure you’re practicing effective oral health care and hygiene routines to limit the damage that may have been caused. However, if only minor damage exists, and you are looking to restore issues associated with the oral aesthetics of… Read more »

Don’t Dismiss Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

The two temporomandibular joints that hinge your jaw plan an important role in your overall oral function. When they are compromised by physical dysfunction, latent inflammation, or muscular distress, it can have a significant negative effect on your overall quality of life. Early symptoms of chronic TMJ disorder could also include a dull ache or… Read more »

Why Dental Bonding Can Correct Cosmetic Problems

If you’ve been wondering about a cosmetic flaw that has prevented you from smiling with confidence, you may want to think about dental bonding. In today’s post, you will see why tooth bonding is a popular and inexpensive way to correct chips and discoloration. At Celeste Eckerman DDS LLC, we offer dental bonding, which is… Read more »

Your Tooth Sensitivity Might Be Linked to Enamel Erosion

The outer layer on each of your teeth is covered with a modest layer of tooth enamel. This special mineral material provides your teeth with the necessary strength to break down the foods you eat before swallowing. If you frequently consume acidic beverages or you struggle to maintain consistent oral hygiene practices an acidic environment… Read more »

Dentistry Highlights: Root Canal Therapy

Caring for your teeth has never been easier. Within dentistry, numerous branches exist to not only to restore the look of teeth but to add additional protection and restore and repair numerous forms of damage that may arise. Endodontics can use complex treatments to remove the pulp of a tooth in order to save the… Read more »

What are Fever Blisters?

Cold sores, also referred to as fever blisters, occur most often when immune systems’ strengths are lessened by fevers or colds. These liquid-filled blisters erupt on the face, most frequently near the nose, lips, and chin, and they can cause flu-like symptoms. Once you’ve been sick with the herpes simplex virus type 1 (which is… Read more »

Addressing Gum Disease

Most people understand that gum disease can cause loose teeth. But gum disease can also lead to problems with your respiratory and cardiovascular systems, and can even contribute to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. You may have no idea that you have gum disease. In the early stages, it is often painless. However, other symptoms may… Read more »